Friday, 7 November 2014

"You know nothing and there is so much to learn"

Richard Vobes, author of Splidge the Cragflinger, took up my research challenge to find out if 'time' or our 'surroundings' change us more... here are his responses:

Does time or our surroundings change us more?
"Time, of course changes us. Life experiences change us. We have moved on from where we were ten years ago. For the better? The worse? I cannot answer. We cannot stop it. We have to accept it. "

What are the three biggest differences between 2014 you and 2004 you?

"Confidence: It slips away. With youth comes naivety beside it, the fearless conviction that you can do anything. Life proves otherwise or at least challenges this state of mind.

Circles: Although life is a journey, we really go round in circles. I find myself thinking about starting or returning to projects I started many years ago. I hope that this time I can bring a greater depth and understanding to them.

Importance: I think as you pass through the years, you start to discover what is important in your life and where you want to concentrate your efforts and thoughts, and what you don't. For me, I have thrown away the brash, loud noise and exchanged for the peace and smaller success

And the bonus one: You realise more than ever that you know nothing and that there is so much to learn - the question is will you take the challenge to try. Personally, I do try."

Have your say - do you think time or our surroundings change us more? Let me know the three biggest differences between 2014 you and 2004 you:
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Richard Vobes is a Children's Author, TV Presenter, Entertainer, Film Maker, Award Winning Podcaster. Credits inc: TV's The Bald Explorer and author of Splidge the Cragflinger .

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